Terms and Conditions - the most inportant information

General information

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all transactions between the Schweizer Schneesportschule Len-zerheide (SSSL) and its customers are subject to these General Terms and Conditions (GTC's). The ob-ject of the company is the operation of a snow sports school. In particular, this includes services such as teaching the skills and knowledge of skiing, telemarking and snowboarding, without guarantee of a specific training success, as well as guiding and accompanying snow sports.

Service Promise

The payment of the service offer constitutes the contractual relationship. Both the services paid for on site and the online reservations are considered confirmed bookings. The SSSL undertakes to comply with the offer sold, including the points listed below.

The SSSL guarantees the service only if payment has been made in this respect. For short-term reser-vations not made online, the credit card details (card type, number, expiry date and security code) are required as a guarantee.

In principle, the snow sports instructors teach in all weather conditions. The Swiss Snowsports School Lenzerheide reserves the right to change, cancel or interrupt the programme or individual services after conclusion of the contract and also during the activity if natural and/or weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances (force majeure, official and/or safety measures or other risks) make this necessary.

If lessons are cancelled for the reasons mentioned above, refund will be made.

Group Lessons

Group lessons take place from four participants (snowgarden from three people). If a group is reduced to less than four participants or it would be required by the organization, the SSSL reserves the right to combine groups with similar strengths or different meeting points. Due to the flexible organization, it is also possible to change teachers.

Private Lessons

In the event of late arrival or premature termination of the activity, there is no entitlement to a refund. Extraordinary circumstances (e.g. road conditions or force majeure) will be respected.

Ticket of the snow sports school

The use of the lifts is not included in the tickets of the snow sports school. The SSSL does not provide any compensation for lost lesson times caused by cableway and lift system failures. The use of the conveyor belts in the beginner’s area is free of charge.

Tickets for lessons are personal and non-transferable.


Refunds will only be made in the event of accident or illness on presentation of a local medical certifi-cate. For the refund of cancelled bookings, the same payment instrument as used in the original trans-action will be used or will be made by bank transfer.


The prices quoted are in Swiss francs. If payment is made in Euro, the conversion rate of 1 : 1 will be applied. The prices are VAT-free. In addition to payment in cash, the usual debit and credit cards (Mas-tercard, VISA, Maestro, Postcard) are also accepted at the sales offices.


The cancellation of a reservation must be made 48 hours in advance of the lesson at the latest in the front office (Valbella or Lenzerheide). Otherwise the full rate will be charged according to the booking. The SSSL reserves the right to replace an unpaid reservation of group or private lessons with paid bookings.

Redemption Conditions

The days used will be charged according to the tariff. Each started day will be charged in full. Only multi-day tickets will be refunded.


The SSSL is not liable for accidents that occur before, during and after snow sports lessons and com-petitions. The conclusion of an accident or liability insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Data Protection

The SSSL reserves the right to use any picture material for marketing purposes. Guests may revoke their permission to use and pass on data and images at any time by sending a message to info@skischulelenzerheide.ch to this effect. The data necessary for the business transaction will nevertheless be treated confidentially.

Content of the Online Offer

The SSSL (hereinafter referred to as "author") assumes no liability for the topicality, correctness, com-pleteness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author relating to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of in-correct or incomplete information are generally excluded, unless the author can be proven to have acted with intent or gross negligence.

All offers are subject to change and non-binding. The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to discontinue pub-lication in two parts or permanently.

References and Links

The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages - unless he has full knowledge of illegal contents and would be able to prevent the visitors of his site from viewing those pages.

The author hereby expressly declares that at the time the links were created, no illegal content was recognizable on the linked pages. The author has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design, content or authorship of the linked pages. Therefore the author dissociates himself hereby expressly from all contents of all linked/connected sides, which were changed after the link setting. This statement applies to all links and references set within the author's own Internet offer as well as to third-party entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by the author.

For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and in particular for damages arising from the use or non-use of such information, the provider of the page to which reference


Credit card payments in favor of the ski school are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland ("TREKKSOFT"). TREKKSOFT will appear as TREKKSOFT TOUR BOOKING on your credit card statement. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.Please send an e-mail to support@payyo.ch for all inquiries regarding your credit card payments and chargebacks.

Choice of law

Swiss law applies.

Place of jurisdiction, place of performance and choice of law

Place of performance is the central location of the Swiss Snow Sports School Lenzerheide. The place of jurisdiction for disputes is Vaz/Obervaz. The contract language is German.

Subject to change without notice.